Picture Framing


We offer a framing service from our Smithbrook Kilns showroom which is attached to our state of the art workshop where all the work is carried out. We run a 2 week turn around period but can if needed offer a faster lead time, just let us know your deadline and we will try and meet it. We offer helpful and knowledgeable advice when you bring in your item for framing and will help you choose from around 1000 different moulding’s (probably the largest selection in the area) we can also come up with innovative design ideas for your picture that will bring it to life.

Mount Cutting

We have always prided ourselves with offering the most concise mounting service and have always tried to keep up with the latest trends and equipment. This is why having started with mountcutting by hand 25 years ago we now operate a Gunner F1 computerized mountcutter. This amazing machine not only allows us to cut any standard mount with dead accuracy but also means we can offer a whole range of shapes and intricate combinations that would be beyond most framers. These include ovals and many different shapes with or without V grooves or multi mount combinations. The Gunner can handle pretty much anything you can think of.

Mount Decoration

This old craft of washlining has been all but lost in recent years as framing fashion has moved more towards the simple contemporary treatment, but we can still offer this more traditional form of mount decoration as Dave has been practicing this craft since he first entered the framing world over 30 years ago. Another sign that at Smithbrook Framing & Mirrors old techniques still work alongside new initiatives.

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